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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nokia EOS 41 MP Camera

Nokia EOS Leaked Pictures Trigger Fresh Renders; Talk About a Huge Camera Module…

The scoop goes something like this: WPDang leaked the Nokia EOS in a few shots, then came Vizileaks and showed us a closeup of that beautiful camera module, that’s actually pictured below.

And then came designer Edgar Mkrtchyan and imagined how the device would look like and created the following renders below. To keep everyone informed on the topic, we’re dealing here with the 41 megapixel Pureview Nokia EOS Windows Phone handset with a Carl Zeiss lens and a huge camera module. The design is also slightly different to the usual Fabula approach, at least at the back.
This is the leaked phone:

The front remains the same and this model seems much wider than any other Lumia I’ve seen. This has got to be the biggest camera module I’ve ever seen on a phone and this requires great processing power if you really want the resulting pics to look hot. We’ve also got a Xenon flash and we’ve heard talks of Windows Phone 8 GDR 3 or Windows Phone Blue running on the device.
And here are Edgar’s concepts:

The Nokia EOS feels very familiar now, because it has been leaked on all major sites out there, in real life hands on pictures. Today we get a new render based on those pictures, coming straight from Yugatech and Bob Freking.

The device seems to have a big and bulky camera module, with an unknown resolution, etched on as “XX”, so it has two figures. It’s most likely the 41 megapixel sensor of the Pureview 808 model, but in a reshaped format. The handset is supposed to be able to do oversampling and loseless zoom, with 3.6x zoom on stills and 12x zoom on clips, without having to compromise on the quality.
Carl Zeiss technology and optical image stabilization are also included, as well as great low light performance. Nokia truly wants to rival the DSLR cameras with this handset, from what we understood. Nokia EOS also brings a Xenon flash, a mechanical shutter and an improved lenses system. Hopefully the price will be decent…
[via Yugatech]